Jillian McDonough

Trying to sum up how you “got here” in a bio
is really difficult, but I will try! I was a
gymnast growing up and spent at least half of
my life standing on my hands or head or
inverted in some way. Little did I know it
would lead me to yoga after college.

My yoga practice has been just that - a
practice. It is not only a way to find a
little more time on my head and hands but
also a way to grow mentally and spiritually.
I have fluctuated from not going for months
to immersing myself in teacher training and
growth. Every part of the journey has been
fun and just what I needed at the time.

I came close to opening a studio up in
Hanover NH when I was doing my master’s at
Dartmouth. It was such a great community
and it longed for hot yoga! But, life got
the better of me and when I graduated I
moved down to Woburn to marry my husband
and work in corporate America doing
operations management development program
for General Mills. Although I learned a
tremendous amount it was clear that it

was a constant uphill battle for happiness and it wasn’t until I started exploring a more entreupenural
and creative path that I found ease. I have been blessed to have an amazing husband who supported me
through the startup of my first business, New England Vintage, and now through this one. Without Yoga,
my parents and him - nothing would be possible.

Just as Yolanda said, we were so lucky to find one another! She is the perfect yin to my yang and together
we are a great team! We can’t wait to watch this studio grow!